Lyrics is as important part as skeleton in our body, it’s the soul of Music, Some one said right that “what sword can’t do a pen can “and it has been proved many times. He was Ravindra nath tagore who’s patriotic poem took us towards the freedom.

The surroundings influence the nature of poets and his poems influence the surroundings.if Tagore were present now than he also would write romantic poems, like Gulzar sahab,When Tagore’s word can influence the youth to fight for freedom, than Why not Guljar’s word would spread love and romance everywhere.

It doesn’t mean that Love was not there in that time but India was more concerned about freedom, and As the feelings of hate ended up it generates love, and We had lyricist like Shalendra.

In the garden of lyricists and poet we have different colors of flowers who writes on different subject, and their way of writing is different but their purpose is same-to enhance the beauty of the garden, flowers grows in the garden but they gave their whole life in decorating the world, and it is what writers do they write sometime for the solders, some time devoted to the God and some time for love and even they written for the sake of people’s laughing.

Lyricist eyes are different and they watch watch what a normal one can’t some time they see a human being in a river too although most of the people can assume a female for a river but he was shalendra who seen an aged men in a the river and wrote suhana safar or ye mousam hassen………………….ye gori nadi chale ese machalkar jaise alhad chate pi se milkar.

Your words are most welcome here!

gulzar-5Javed Aktarkumar-vishwasSameer

One thought on “LYRICIST

  1. I am also story writer I wrote stories for bollywood films and also i wrote lyrics and gazals if you are director and wants to make new film or lyricks for film I want to contact Mr. javed Akhtar if you have his contact number pls informe me I work as a extra and I am actor want to work as a leading role and speaking role pls write me as soon as possible I am on Emmasham on face book.. How I enter in bollywood.

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