MuSiC MaNia

Mu&iC MaNia
Music mania is a platform for all music lover to share their unplugged version of song or music,we invite all new lyricist to share their poetry and musician to compose it and singer to sing it we will create a beautiful song together you are most welcome….lets start!
“Music is the mirror of a person it’s the feeling which can be heard, it’s everywhere,in your heart’s beats, in the river’s flow, in bird’s chirping ,in ocean’s tides and in mountain’s silence too. Yes, in silence, Silence is also could be heard like music”

Priyanka Choupra 

“I was offered to sing but I was too shy for it. I used to try singing on the mic but then I used to feel shy and back out, saying ‘I can’t do this’. I had even recorded a song with Vishal–Shekhar for Bluffmaster!, but the song was not released. I was always one of those students in the class who would be asked to go and sing in front of the class to entertain everyone whenever a teacher was not around.”

Chopra talking about her previous singing endeavors on her release of debut album In My City!

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